Technical Parameters




Mechanical Parameters in mm







Variety of mini grippers, 37mm to 64mm, two and three jaw air chucks



 Ø42mm small grippers air chucks serrated type with two and three jaws



Ø42mm grippers running after assembly 


This is Ø50mm aluminum air chuck mini gripper that was converted

into draw bar chuck per customer spec

Chuck accuracy is 0.01mm or 0.0004" 

Through hole Ø3mm.


Back view of the Ø50mm mini draw bar chuck


 The mini converted gripper is installed on small machine at a customer's site. The customer was kind enough to share this photo with us. 
The chuck is operated by a draw bar, clamping a pen to be engraved.





Mini Gripper Air Chuck​

Pneumatic (air) miniature grippers are used for material handling and robots as well.  

Body material: Aluminum made with hard anodize coating. 

Two kinds: pin type and serrated type. (See photos below)

In all three jaw mini grippers there is a 3mm through hole. The through hole may be customized per customer requirements.

Number of jaws and stroke can be modified upon customers’ request.

The chuck accuracy is 0.01mm or 0.0004". 

The small air chucks come in various size range from Ø37mm to Ø64mm or Ø1.5" up to Ø2.5".​