Chuck Models and Catalog

Grinding Air Chuck High Speed Air Chuck Turning Air Chuck
Round Jaws Sealed Air Chuck Stationary Air Chuck w/ Thru-Hole Stationary (Milling) Air Chuck
Rotary Table Custom Made Chuck Mini Grippers Air Chuck
Fixtures Diaphragm Chuck

Advantages of high precision air chucks

  • Up to 0.0005MM or 0.00002" chucking repeatability
  • Accurate thin wall turning and grinding
  • Integral and adjustable pneumatic power
  • Quick acting operation
  • High speed performance
  • Compact structure
  • Minimum weight and volume
  • Easy installation
  • Fits pneumatic and electric systems
  • Foolproof safety
  • Four way Air Feed control valve
  • CNC adaptable
  • High reliability
  • ID and OD clamping with same chuck model


PML-PAL Catalog

PML-PAL product catalog


  • Turning chuck
  • Grinding chuck
  • Milling/Stationary chuck
  • Stationary with through hole
  • Diaphragm chuck
  • Jaws
  • Air Feed Tube




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