Advantages of high precision air chucks


Up to 0.0005mm or 0.00002" chucking repeatability

Accurate thin wall turning and grinding

Integral and adjustable pneumatic power

Quick acting operation

High speed performance

Compact structure

Minimum weight and volume

Easy installation

Fits pneumatic and electric systems

Foolproof safety

Four way Air Feed control valve

CNC adaptable

High reliability

ID and OD clamping with same chuck model

Catalog Contents:


Turning chuck

Grinding chuck

Milling/Stationary chuck

Stationary with through hole

Diaphragm chuck


Air Feed Tube



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High Speed Air Chuck​

High speed precision air chucks are designed to spin at up to 6000 rpm. The high speed air chuck has a large back body with smaller front, allowing easier access to the workpiece while maintaining very large gripping force at high rotating speed. Repeatability is 0.002mm or 0.00008".Chuck size ranges from 80mm to 105mm or 3 in up to 4 inch (front side). Larger chucks are available upon request.​

Diaphragm AIR Chuck

 Diaphragm chuck is a sealed chuck used for super high precision work.It provides almost absolute repeatability.The chucks are mainly used in finishing applications, whether it is turning, grinding or milling.​  

Mini Gripper Air Chuck​

Pneumatic (air) miniature grippers are used for material handling and robots as well.  Body material: Aluminum made with hard anodize coating. Two kinds: pin type and serrated type. (See photos below)In all three jaw mini grippers there is a 3mm through hole. The through hole may be customized per customer requirements.Number of jaws and stroke can be modified upon customers’ request.The chuck accuracy is 0.01mm or 0.0004". The small air chucks come in various size range from Ø37mm to Ø64mm or Ø1.5" up to Ø2.5".​ 

Turning Air Chuck

High precision turning or rotating air chucks are designed to be mounted on any CNC turning and conventional machine. The speed for rotating precision air chuck is up to 6000 rpm. Controlled clamping force enables clamping of thin-walled and other gentle parts with no distortion. Most models come with coolant or air passage through the center of the chuck. It is very simple to mount the air chuck on the CNC lathe machine.An experienced operator may do it in several minutes.Simple loading and unloading. Most chucks come with 2, 3, or 4 jaws as standard.Most standard models are available in inventory.The pneumatic chuck accuracy is 0.002mm or 0.0001".Chuck size ranges from 50mm to 350mm or 2" to 14".​

Grinding Air Chuck​, SEALED

High precision grinding air rotating chucks are sealed. The pneumatic chucks are designed to operate on CNC grinding machines and conventional as well. The air chuck design prevents penetration of any swarf or metal dust into the chuck, minimizing maintenance and stoppage time. Other applications are machining abrasive materials such as, powder metal or carbide. This chuck may be used on a turning machine as well.Accuracy is 0.002mm or 0.0001". Chuck size range from 87mm to 265mm or 3.5" up to 10".The pneumatic grinding chuck comes in 2 and 3 jaws.Please read related articles at the following link:Sealed Air Chuck Case study, customer experience​

Stationary (Milling) Air Chuck​

Stationary precision pneumatic air chuck is designed to clamp round and non-conventional shape work piece on vertical or horizontal CNC milling machining centers, drilling or tapping machines. Air is supplied directly into the side of the chuck body, and the chuck can be mounted directly to the machine table table or a base plate.Automatic self-centering. Simple loading and unloading. Pneumatic air milling chuck comes with either 2, 3 or 4  jaws.Repeatability is 0.002mm or 0.0001". Chuck size range from 64mm to 250mm or 2.5 inch up to 10 inch. Larger chucks are available upon request.​

Stationary Chuck w/ Thru Hole​

Stationary precision air chucks with through hole are designed to clamp non-conventional shape work piece on vertical or horizontal CNC machining centers, drilling or tapping machines. Stationary air chucks with thru hole are designed to clamp work piece longer than the jaws height. Through hole allows burying long part into the chuck’s body. The thru hole chucks may be mounted on a single chuck fixture or multiple chuck fixture. The chuck accuracy is 0.002mm or 0.0001".Chuck size range from 83mm to 250mm or 2.5" up to 10". The hole size ranges from 12mm to 80mm. Larger chucks and larger holes are available upon request.​

Round Jaws Sealed Chuck​

This is a Sealed Round Jaws (RJ) Super High Precision Chuck. The round jaws technology provides super high accuracy.We offer two types: - Round Jaws air chuck super high precision.- Round Jaws Hydraulic type with through hole. Any chuck is available with 2 or 3 jaws. Chuck configuration can be rotary or stationary. Both models can be ordered with large through hole per the technical data.​

Rotary Table Air Chuck​

Rotary Table high precision air chuck uniquely designed to be mounted on 4th and 5th axes, index table - vertically or horizontally.This chuck has integrated air piston. It receives the air supply from the swiveling unit on the side. (see photo)Size range is 80MM up to 200MM diameter, number of jaws may vary - 2 or 3.Each model may have through hole. Suggested through hole are in the below table. Maximum diameter is based on customer request or close center. Maximum speed range is 45-100 rpm depends on size.Accuracy is 0.002mm or 0.00001".​

Custom PRECISION air Chuck​

PML-PAL is proud of its capability and ability to custom make chucks based on customer needs. We welcome any clamping challenges you might have (drawings are welcome). We will be glad to listen and craft satisfactory solutions for you. Please review our  page in the main menu.Chuck modification is available according to customer’s requirements, for example: - Number of  jaws could be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8.- Jaw stroke could be in the range of 0.5-18MM on diameter- Enlarging the through hole- Preparation of special top jaws from any material in any dimension and shape

Precision AIR Chuck, Fixtures​

PML-PAL manufactures single and multiple high precision pneumatic chuck fixtures for CNC machining for higher productivity and mass production. This is a excellent workholding system. The multiple pneumatic chuck fixture increases efficiency, allowing longer machine cycle time, fewer operator interventions, reduces tool changing and thus less machine and tools wear and tear. The loading and unloading of work pieces is easy. Even a non-experienced operator will be able to do it.Below are examples of single and multi-chuck fixtures. They are extremely reliable. The airways are already installed and connected to the chucks. The fixtures can be customized based on customer needs and requirements.