BC/2 type - AFT
Two airways + through-hole coolant valve​

NBC/3 type - AFT

Two air ports and through-hole coolant application​

BC/2 type – AFT

Two ports without through-hole coolant application​

NBC/3 S Flex – AFT

Two air ways, 1 coolant passage for high speed operation​

BC/2 Flex – AFT
2 air ways for high speed operation​


Two airways, 1 coolant passage for liquids (high pressure)​

NBC/5 S Flex – 5 air ways, 
1 coolant passage for high speed, 1 drainage, 1 oil mist lubrication port​

NBC/2 S Flex – 2 air ways, 
1 coolant passage for high speed, 
1 drainage, 1 oil mist lubrication port​

Air Feed Device - AFD 85mm DIA. 
2 air ways, suitable for 4th and 5th Axis, rotates at low speed​

PML-PAL offers additional multiport air feed tubes for air chucks with the following features. There are models with 4, 5, and 6 air ways, such as, coolant passage for high speed, and AFT self-lubricating port.


We also make air feed device (AFD) showing above for rotary table and 4th/ 5th axes. 2 air ways. Coolant passage is available.

chuck accessories

Ordering an AFT

When ordering an AFT, please specify the following:LR=LS (spindle length) + (7~11mm)* + E(chuck adaptor) + D(AFT adaptor) + C (S.R Bushing) + S(Max. 5mm)*Dimension differs according to the type of chuck: 7mm for types up to 5", and 11mm for types 6" and above.

Air Feed System

Below is a drawing for a whole air supply system for air chuck mounted on a lathe machine. It includes Air feed Tube (letter A) on/off valve (PML) and air pressure regulator on the bottom.

This is a cost effective AFT solution. There are two ports for opening and closing the chuck. There is a 6mm through hole for air passage only. Relatively low speed of 1500 RPM Maximum. Very small configuration, designed for machine space constraint​.

Air Feed Tube with four ports


                                                                    That is another version of flexible AFT model: NBC/3 S Flex  with 34mm shaft per customer spec.

Air Feed Tube (AFT)​

Precision air chucks receive air supply from air feed tubes - AFT.​

Air Feed Tube supplies air to a rotating air chuck through operation. There are several types of AFTs (see below). Custom tubes may be ordered as well.

Standard models are:

BC/2 - has 2 airways.

NBC/3 - has 2 airways, 1 coolant passage and 1 drain port.

We do offer AFT system with flexible air tube. please see photos below.