special chucks 



Below is 64-3-1.4 RJ model, round master jaws super high precision air chuck. It was developed for specific customer's requirements. The chuck opens via springs and closes by air pressure. This is a sealed chuck quick change model. It is designed to grind lenses.The chuck's repeatability is 0.0015mm.


 64-3-1.4 RJ model, front view


 64-3-1.4 RJ model, back view


Air-Spring Precision Chuck​

In this page we are presenting a few examples of air-spring chucks on sealed chuck models.

This is a 107mm special hermetically sealed high precision chuck that operates on air and spring force. It opens via spring force and closes on air pressure. This is a custom chuck that was crafted per customer specifications. It is based on chuck BCG model. It serves the optical industry. It is used for lens grinding and polishing.