chuck accessories

Top Jaws (custom jaws)​

PML-PAL manufactures top jaws for all precision chucks we make. Top Jaws are made with tight tolerances to properly fit onto our chucks. Our jaws may be customized per customer specifications or workpiece dimensions. We also make custom jaws per cutomer specifications (bottom of the page).We offer three main types: Block typePie typeHalf pie/ circle type​

Air Feed Tube (AFT)​

Precision air chucks receive air supply from air feed tubes - AFT.​Air Feed Tube supplies air to a rotating air chuck through operation. There are several types of AFTs (see below). Custom tubes may be ordered as well.Standard models are:BC/2 - has 2 airways.NBC/3 - has 2 airways, 1 coolant passage and 1 drain port.We do offer AFT system with flexible air tube. please see photos below.

Air Collet Closer​

Pneumatic Collet Closer Actuator W12.This closer was built for a table lathe machine Schaublin model CF-MI 70.Maximum speed is 5000 RPM. Maximum Pulling force at 6 bars is 1100 N (See chart).Another application for the closer is draw bar chuck. The chuck could be installed on the closer as well.Please see link Drawbar Precision Chuck.​

Custom Flanges​

PML-PAL offers fitting solutions or custom flanges for the pneumatic precision chucks or any other chucks.We have the capability to custom make flanges or any fitting devices that will precisely fit the chuck on your machine. We will work with you to come up with the best mounting solution. Below are several examples that were made for either our customers or for in house usage. For addtitional information please contact us.​

Forming Jaw Ring​

This ring is designed to mount soft top jaws to be pre machined (before final dimensions are done on the chuck) . Advantages:1. Pre machining occurs simultaneously while the chuck is running on another job, saves time.2. Good for rough milling or turning avoiding extra load on precision air chuck. The ring can be ordered to any sliding jaws air chuck model. Number of jaws may vary between 2, 3, 4, or 6.Pins are located in chuck open position.​