Complementary Products and Partners​

PML-PAL considered to be a leader in work holding tools, establishing itself as a one stop shop for all CNC work holding needs. Therefore PML-PAL cooperates with companies that offer complimentary clamping tools to our high precision chucks.



 MicroLoc®Sales and Marketing Company for MicroLoc. PML-PAL agent in the UK, maker of multiple work holding system for CNC milling applications.


Ladner, French manufacture of manual chuck, jaws and custom jaws


Mesco, Philippino supplier of machines, industrial products as well as engineering services.


 "Rosna Engineering NT" LLC Russian company, servicing and Modernization of machinery and equipment.


 Sanprem Consultants Indian supplier and distributor of CNC machining equipment.


 FN Niederhauder AG Supplier of clamping technology and clamping devices along with collet chucks.