special chucks 


This chuck has several features:

- Three clamping jaws

- Orientation pins

- Three stoppers for air pressure monitoring

- A pneumatic ejector



It is a fully automated robot load and unload operation. A robot conveys the workpiece between the chuck jaws and stops at the designated stoppers and orientation pin. Only when the workpiece is located at the right spot the air stops flowing, then the chuck clamps it. At the end of the operation the chuck's jaws open. The pneumatic ejector pushes the work piece into the robot gripper.

More information regarding 150mm or 6" diaphragm chuck could be found at Diaphragm page.


Upper and side view


Side view



The timing wheel to be mounted


Custom Diaphragm, Automotive

The following is a custom 150mm Diaphragm chuck (air operated). It was created for a large automotive manufacturer in order to clamp a timing wheel. This chuck is designed for cylindrical grinding application, with high level of accuracy, gentle mounting, and parallelism.