Unique Solutions

The fixture includes solid aluminum plate base, four (4) PML-PAL 150 dia. stationary precision air chucks, custom hardened top jaws, height stoppers, orientation pins, compact and hidden air tube layout, and a safety stop valve for each chuck. Hosing layout is routed under the plate for the chuck’s jaws actuation.


This page presents some of the PML-PAL engineering, design, and manufacturing capabilities. The PML-PAL team works closely with its customers in order to come up with a tailored fit. This customized fixture consolidates five operations into one for this customer and cuts their cycle time by more than 70%. Please review the photos and the explanation to learn more about the available features.


General view of the fixture


​Close up view of the custom air chuck including: orientation pin, custom hardened top jaws, and height reference stoppers.



Above is a view of the chuck with the customer’s work piece.  The customer has provided us with samples of a work piece for orientation and height testing purposes, as well as for trial operations of actual milling as part of fixture approval process before shipping.



Each air chuck has its own individual actuation valve. Notice the plastic fitting on each air tube going into the aluminum base. This fitting keeps dirt and metal swarf from penetrating the area between the aluminum base and the machine table.



This is the fixture bottom view. This photo shows the chuck stop valve. The stop valve is a safety feature; it captures the air pressure in the chuck in case of air supply interruption or compressor malfunction. The valve keeps the pressure in clamping position until manual release.


Case study of the fixture is available @ this page


The above is a demonstration of a custom-made PML-PAL fixture. Our fixtures can be tailored to most unique situations or challenges.  Any chuck of any diameter size or number of top jaws can be mounted on a fixture.


Custom Solution Fixture​

The following fixture is a complete custom-made solution that was designed for an automotive customer. This state-of-the-art fixture has several important features that PML-PAL offers in order to boost operation cycle efficiency.

The advantage of using a precision air chuck fixture is the ability to work on multiple work pieces simultaneously, hence cutting cycle time substantially (tool changing time saved is roughly 75%).  Using our safe and reliable fixture enables easy installation and set-up, quick and easy loads and unloads of the work pieces, and most importantly, a high level of accuracy.