Case Studies​



Our experts came up with an unusual clamping solution, the PML-PAL double diaphragm chuck, an open double-sided chuck that holds the work piece from its core. The chuck is mounted on a unique open spindle made by the customer that allows the customer to grind the work piece’s ID, OD, and face on both sides simultaneously.



The duoble diaphragm chuck design required extensive engineering time and high level of creativity. The custom solution cut the cycle time by 50% reducing the process to one operation thus achieving higher quality product.


Side view of double diaphragm chuck.


Front view including the inner double jaws.


Close-up on the inner jaws.

Double diaphragm chuck​


European CNC grinding machine manufacturer was using two diaphragm chucks for two different operations. The customer used one diaphragm chuck (DC) for grinding the first operation inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), and face. Then he used another diaphragm to grind the three dimensionas on the other workpiece side. The total grinding time was 55 seconds. The customer approached PML-PAL engineering to provide a more efficient solution.