Air Chucks




Explanation on the models: (please read carefully to avoid confusion)

Example: Part Number or model 150-3-2.5 NBC

  • It is a Ø150mm chuck
  • The number 3 represents the number of jaws. This could be 2, 3, or 4 jaws, depends on the model.
  • 2.5 is the chuck stroke. In this case 2.5mm on DIA.
  • NBC - is the the model. 

There are two models per the explanation below;

BC Model – The chuck's piston has an inner movement back and forth together with the air feed tube (AFT). This is a safety feature that is required by CE, the European standard. It allows a slight delay after opening and closing of the jaws, before the machine starts its cycle. When the AFT moves forward, the jaws close/clamp the workpiece. Only then, the machine will receive a green light from the proximity sensor to start the cycle.

NBC Model – The Piston movement is internal only. In this model, coolant is available through the chuck body. The chuck is more stable hence rotate on higher rpm.



To summarize: if a BC model chuck is required, 100mm with two jaws, the model number will be: 100-2-2.5 BC

                                               Mechanical parameters in mm


                                                Technical paraments

                                                *Calculated with top steel jaws H=16mm

                                                **Calculated with top steel jaws H=25mm

                                                ***Calculated with top steel jaws H=50mm



 200-4-2.5 BC model, 200mm or 8 inch, 4 jaw high precision air chuck


200-3-2.5 NBC model, 200mm or 8 inch, 3 jaw high precision air chuck


50-3-2 BC model, 50mm or 2 inch, 3 jaw high precision turning air chuck


 64-3-2 BC model, 64mm or 2.5", 3 jaw high precision turning air chuck




The above photo shows the machine back side with the

air feed tube (AFT) mounted.

 PML-PAL precision air chuck is installed on a Mazak Ravema
at a customer site in Sweden. 

Turning Air Chuck

High precision turning or rotating air chucks are designed to be mounted on any CNC turning and conventional machine. The speed for rotating precision air chuck is up to 6000 rpm. Controlled clamping force enables clamping of thin-walled and other gentle parts with no distortion. Most models come with coolant or air passage through the center of the chuck.


It is very simple to mount the air chuck on the CNC lathe machine.

An experienced operator may do it in several minutes.

Simple loading and unloading. Most chucks come with 2, 3, or 4 jaws as standard.

Most standard models are available in inventory.

The pneumatic chuck accuracy is 0.002mm or 0.0001".

Chuck size ranges from 50mm to 350mm or 2" to 14".