High Precision Air Chucks​

Why use PML-PAL high precision air chucks?

Because we make high precision, reliable, and durable air chucks.


Universality - precision air chuck can be mounted on any metal work machine tool.


Repeatability - repeatability is kept within One-Micron (0.001mm) tolerance, along with interchangeability of concerned jaws (upon special request).


Interchangeability - the working jaws mounted on the chuck have qualified interchangeability.


High accuracy and no deformation - regulating the air pressure provides precise control and stable gripping forces thus achieving high accuracy and minimum deformation of soft materials.


Efficiency - consistent repeatability is obtained without having to repeatedly measure clamping position. This significantly saves on production time.


Ability to chuck non-round components - the best solutions to clamping non-round and asymmetric work pieces.


High pressure center cooling (option) - cooling liquid passed through the center of the air chuck provides tool cooling for inner turning, milling, boring and grinding.


Versatility for clamping jaws - internal and external-clamping capabilities, as well as wide selections of soft or hard jaws for round or non-round components.


Reliability - large chucking operation can be performed without loss of clamping accuracy.


Compact structures - with a built-in air cylinder, the system has minimal weight and volume, to suit all metal cutting machines.


Economic - lower cost compared with same function clamping products worldwide.