150mm stationary pneumatic chuck.



 Four stationary pneumatic chucks mounted on fixture.



Two 150mm stationary pneumatic chucks on fixture.


 Stationary air chuck with two pie jaws used as a vise.



Custom fixture 150mm dia. stationary air chuck


 Chuck fixture for quality control check on CMM.






Precision AIR Chuck, Fixtures​

PML-PAL manufactures single and multiple high precision pneumatic chuck fixtures for CNC machining for higher productivity and mass production. This is a excellent workholding system. The multiple pneumatic chuck fixture increases efficiency, allowing longer machine cycle time, fewer operator interventions, reduces tool changing and thus less machine and tools wear and tear. The loading and unloading of work pieces is easy. Even a non-experienced operator will be able to do it.

Below are examples of single and multi-chuck fixtures. They are extremely reliable. The airways are already installed and connected to the chucks. The fixtures can be customized based on customer needs and requirements.