1. Round jaws air chuck comes with integrated air piston. The chuck is hermetically sealed, stronger, and 30% faster than standard T slot one. Chuck size ranges from 64MM up to 170MM. Speed range from 4500 rpm for a large size to over 10,000 rpm for the smallest chuck size.

Accuracy is 0.0005mm or 0.00002". 



Round Jaws Sealed Air Chuck model 150-3-2.5 RJ: 150mm, 3 jaws, 2.5MM stroke






2. Round jaws hydraulic chuck draw bar operated. The chuck is hermetically sealed, stronger, and 30% faster than standard T slot one. Chuck size ranges from 130mm up to 150mm. Speed ranges from 6500 to 9000 depends on the chuck size.

Accuracy is 0.002mm or 0.00008".



Above are two models: Left side: sealed chuck 130mm, 2 jaws, 18mm thru hole. Middle and right side, 64mm sealed chuck, 3 jaws.








Round Jaws Sealed Chuck​

This is a Sealed Round Jaws (RJ) Super High Precision Chuck. The round jaws technology provides super high accuracy.

We offer two types:


- Round Jaws air chuck super high precision.

- Round Jaws Hydraulic type with through hole.


Any chuck is available with 2 or 3 jaws. Chuck configuration can be rotary or stationary. Both models can be ordered with large through hole per the technical data.