Case Studies​


PML-PAL engineering offered a stock item, a special sealed chuck model 157-3-2.5 BCG, which is 157mm diameter, three sliding jaws to clamp the concerned work piece. This chuck has a sealing mechanism that does not allow any metal dust or swarf to penetrate it.




Since the customer installed the PML-PAL sealed chuck, they have been running nonstop and have never stopped the operation for dust clean up. Productivity has increased substantially with the absence of unpredictable work stoppages.





Sealed Air Chuck Solution​


A company which produces silicon carbide parts grinds their work piece at the inner and outer diameters. Silicon carbide is a very aggressive material and when grinding, it creates a lot of metal powder that accumulates in the chuck and also sends mist in the air. Using a competitor's open air chucks, the operation frequently stopped abruptly due to dirt in the chuck. The customer often had to dismount the chuck for clean-up and repairs, which created many delays.  The organization approached PML-PAL to provide a more sustainable solution.