Special Chucks​

six jaw Air Chuck

This is model 150-6-10 BC, a 150mm precision rotating air chuck with six (6) top jaws suitable for turning applications clamping. In the photo, it shows unique custom soft top jaws designated for very gentle and delicate workpiece based on customer spec.

Custom Diaphragm, Automotive

The following is a custom 150mm Diaphragm chuck (air operated). It was created for a large automotive manufacturer in order to clamp a timing wheel. This chuck is designed for cylindrical grinding application, with high level of accuracy, gentle mounting, and parallelism. ​

Draw Bar Rotating Chuck​

On this page pml-pal presents several draw bar precision chucks with different configurations and sizes with and without through hole.Draw Bar operated chuck actuated by either air or hydraulic back cylinder. The chuck in the following photo 80-3-5 DB Model is small with several characteristics: it is only 80mm DIA. with a large through hole 19MM. Designed to be used in small size CNC lathes and sub-spindles.Main features: Repeatability is 0.005mm or 0.0002"Jaws stroke on DIA. is 5mm or 0.2"Maximum Draw Force is 600 kGMaximum Gripping Force is 765 kG with top jawsMax R.P.M. is 6500/minThrough Hole 19mm​

Quick Change Chuc​k

Quick Change chuck (QC) - This page presents QC air chuck for turning applications. This design allows the operator to quickly change from one chuck to another and go back to work at the same accuracy with minimum set up time. It is a high precision air chuck with accuracy of 0.002MM or 0.00008".​

Precision Conical Air Chuck​

The conical precision air chuck  is a unique one. It is designed to clamp cutting tools like end-mills, drills, reamers, threading tools / taps in a 5 axes CNC grinding machine.The conical shape allows easy access to the grinding wheel tool. The conical chuck is operated by either integrated air piston or draw bar connected to a back air cylinder. The need for this chuck arises when a customer approach PML-PAL with a request to have a super high precision chuck with conical front shape which allows the grinding wheel to approach as close as possible to the chuck's face without hitting it and grind the tool as low as possible (in relation to its cutting edge).​

Manual Precision Chuck​

This is a precision manual chuck with excellent accuracy or repeatability of 0.006MM. Designed to work on any lathe machine.Max. torque applied on key - 40 NmTotal gripping force - 2750 kgfSpeed – up to 6000rpmWeight Without Top Jaws - 5 kgRepeatability is 0.006MM​

Single Jaw Air Chuck, Sealed​

Model: 107-1-1.5 BCGThis is a custom high precision grinding air chuck with a single sliding jaw. The air chuck is designed for a specific customer need. It is hermetically sealed Ø107mm with one jaw that slides 1.5mm. This chuck is based on the BCG grinding model. The chuck is to be mounted on a CNC grinding machine functioning as a spinning air precision vice. All holes are designed per the customer specifications. On the opposite side of the jaw there should be a static stopper.  Main features:Accuracy is 0.0015mm or 0.00006"Sealed chuckGripping force is 360 kgf.​Chuck size is 107mm or 4".Stroke on Dia. 1.5mm

Air-Spring Precision Chuck​

In this page we are presenting a few examples of air-spring chucks on sealed chuck models.This is a 107mm special hermetically sealed high precision chuck that operates on air and spring force. It opens via spring force and closes on air pressure. This is a custom chuck that was crafted per customer specifications. It is based on chuck BCG model. It serves the optical industry. It is used for lens grinding and polishing.​

Jaw Stroke Front Control

This is a high precision air chuck specifically designed based on customer’s requirements. It is a three (3) jaw, 100mm Dia. air chuck that has the option to adjust its jaw stroke within its range. Based on particular application, the operator can adjust the jaws travel within the stroke range of 0.1mm  to 2.5mm.​

Long Stroke Air Chuck​

Those are precision air chucks with long jaw stroke. The jaw stroke may varyfrom 3mm up to 18mm on the diameter. These special long jaws chuck has repeatability of up to 0.005mm or 0.0002". They may be ordered with 2, 3 or 4 jaws. All models may be applied for turning, milling and grinding (sealed chucks) operations - static or rotating, verticaly or horizontally.​