Stationary air chuck, 125mm diameter with 20mm through hole 



Stationary air chuck, 83mm diameter with 12mm through hole







Stationary Chuck w/ Thru Hole​

Stationary precision air chucks with through hole are designed to clamp non-conventional shape work piece on vertical or horizontal CNC machining centers, drilling or tapping machines. 
Stationary air chucks with thru hole are designed to clamp work piece longer than the jaws height. Through hole allows burying long part into the chuck’s body. 
The thru hole chucks may be mounted on a single chuck fixture or multiple chuck fixture. 
The chuck accuracy is 0.002mm or 0.0001".
Chuck size range from 83mm to 250mm or 2.5" up to 10". 
The hole size ranges from 12mm to 80mm. 
Larger chucks and larger holes are available upon request.​