Unique Solutions

A customer has created a cost-effective workstation for honing operation using a robot. There are five stationary air chucks installed on the table. See photos.​









83mm diameter, three jaws, 2.5mm stroke on Dia., 12mm through hole,

Total gripping force 400kgf in 6bars

air chucks on workstation​

Here is a great example for usage of stationary air chuck in a unique workstation.

The customer is using PML-PAL stationary air chucks 83-3-2.5 TH-12. 

The chuck features are:


- 83mm diameter

- Three jaws

- 2.5mm stroke on Dia.

- 12mm through hole, allows to bore the workpiece deep in the chuck

- Total gripping force 400kgf in 6bars

More information is available @ Stationary air chuck with through hole