special chucks 

Technical characteristics:

- Outer diameter is 150mm or 6".

- Stroke on diameter is 10mm.

- Maximum rotating speed is 2000 rpm with 25mm top jaws.

- Total clamping force is 1055 kGf at 6 bars.

- Accuracy is 0.002mm or 0.00008".

- The chuck weighs 9.2 kilograms or about 20.2 Lb.


6 jaw turning precision air chuck



Mechanical parameters












six jaw precision air chuck

150-6-10 BC model with custom top jaws front view


custom precision air chuck

 150-6-10 BC model without top jaws front view


six jaw custom air chuck

 150-6-10 BC model back view


BC Model – The chuck's piston has an inner movement back and forth together with the air feed tube (AFT). This is a safety feature that is required by CE, the European standard. It allows a slight delay after opening and closing of the jaws, before the machine starts its cycle. When the AFT moves forward, the jaws close/clamp the workpiece. Only then, the machine will receive a green light from the proximity sensor to start the cycle.

NBC Model – The Piston movement is internal only. In this model, coolant is available through the chuck body. The chuck is more stable hence rotate on higher rpm.







six jaw Air Chuck

This is model 150-6-10 BC, a 150mm precision rotating air chuck with six (6) top jaws suitable for turning applications clamping. In the photo, it shows unique custom soft top jaws designated for very gentle and delicate workpiece based on customer spec.