The closer is installed on the machine connected to air ports.​

It is possible to increase the piston movement range as well as piston diameter hence increasing the pulling force based on customer requirements. This page is an example

for Schaublin W12 model. However, a Closer for other models, like W20, W25, B32 and more  could be ordered as well.

Another view of the pneaumatc collet closer.​

Closer view of the parts separated.​

chuck accessories

Air Collet Closer​

Pneumatic Collet Closer Actuator W12.
This closer was built for a table lathe machine Schaublin model CF-MI 70.
Maximum speed is 5000 RPM. Maximum Pulling force at 6 bars is 1100 N (See chart).
Another application for the closer is draw bar chuck. The chuck could be installed on the closer as well.

Please see link Drawbar Precision Chuck.