107-3-10 STG model - 107mm or 4" high precision air chuck w/ several features:

it is sealed with 10mm stroke, 17mm through hole, and a quick change capability in the back.



 265-3-2.5 BCG model - 265mm or 10" sealed high precision air chuck



107-2-2.5 BCG model -107mm or 4" sealed 2 jaw high precision air chuck


157-3-2.5 BCG model - 157mm or 6" sealed high precision rotating air chuck


 87-3-1.2 BCG-Q model - Sealed chuck with unique top jaws for CUSTOM diamond

turning application with 1.2mm stroke


 87-3-2.5 BCG model - Sealed chuck, a photo from a customer.


Grinding Air Chuck​, SEALED

High precision grinding air rotating chucks are sealed. The pneumatic chucks are designed to operate on CNC grinding machines and conventional as well. The air chuck design prevents penetration of any swarf or metal dust into the chuck, minimizing maintenance and stoppage time. Other applications are machining abrasive materials such as, powder metal or carbide. This chuck may be used on a turning machine as well.

Accuracy is 0.002mm or 0.0001". 

Chuck size range from 87mm to 265mm or 3.5" up to 10".

The pneumatic grinding chuck comes in 2 and 3 jaws.

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