special chucks 

Usage and advantages:



When there is a need to machine variety of diameters or different work pieces at high accuracy, this configuration offers the ability and the flexibility to quickly remove the chuck along with its top jaws as one piece and change it with another one without dismounting the air feed tube or the adaptor on the machine spindle nose. Thus continue machining the next piece. The new chuck will provide the same high accuracy. This configuration saves on set up time and minimizes adjustment.

PML-PAL offers Quick Change option in any chuck configuration including diaphragm chuck. Quick change chuck is also known as Back Air Ported chuck. There are two air ports at the back of the chuck.

For long work pieces clamping, it is recommended to order the QC chuck with through hole.



83-3-2.5 NBC-Q model, Quick change air chuck 83mm



Back view. Notice the back air ports.


200-3-2.5 NBC-Q model, quick change air chuck 200mm


Back view


87 BCG sealed air chuck

 87-3-2.5 BCG-Q model, quick change air chuck 87mm

Sealed version


Quick Change air chuck

Back view





Quick Change Chuc​k

Quick Change chuck (QC) - This page presents QC air chuck for turning applications. This design allows the operator to quickly change from one chuck to another and go back to work at the same accuracy with minimum set up time. It is a high precision air chuck with accuracy of 0.002MM or 0.00008".​